Review of Release Me Album by The Like

When you've had a critically acclaimed debut record most bands wouldn't wait five years to follow it up, as well as having a change of members, but that is exactly what The Like have done. Though commercial success eluded them, the quality of their output has seen them support Arctic Monkeys, Muse and currently The Strokes, but on the back of this release the female quartet will hit the road for their own shows, including a UK tour in September.

The Like Release Me Album

Having provided something of a Midas touch to Amy Winehouse, the enlisting of Mark Ronson as producer would seem a safe bet for hit songs, and for the first half of 'Release Me' it proves to be just that. In the likes of 'Wishing He Was Dead', 'Walk Of Shame' and 'Narcissus In A Red Dress' the band achieve an authentic 60's pop sound, with gorgeous harmonies backing the sweet vocals of Z Berg. There's substance behind the sugary melodies as well, with Berg revealing a mean streak of breaking hearts and not tolerating those who think too much of themselves. If the standard could be maintained then 'Release Me' would be a truly stunning album, but unfortunately this isn't the case. The latter part sees the tracks merging into one another, though there are still a couple of crackers in 'In The End' and 'Catch Me If You Can', and the result is that of a very, very good indie-pop album with a retro twist. The level of songwriting displayed on the band's debut has been carried over and enhanced with a commercial edge, hopefully meaning a wider audience will get to hear and most likely like The Like.

Alex Lai

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