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The Lights
"Grand Union"

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The Lights Grand Union Album

The Lights may feature the dual vocals of Imogen Andrews and Ryan Caine, but their music is very much the product of Matthew Lester. Written, recorded, and produced by Lester in his London bedroom over the duration of a year and a half, "Grand Union" is an atmospheric record of electronica, presented by independent music label, Seeca.

Recent single "Good As It Gets" opens the album in chilled-out fashion, particularly lifted by the sweet vocals of Andrews over layers of flowing synths and soft beats. "The Executioner" provides an intriguing juxtaposition of light verses and chorus with a sinister mood, while Caine's vocals are partially masked behind a vocoder on "Hole In The Head" (not a Sugababes cover), an infectious rock'n'roll track sprinkled with touches of electronic effects. The band continue to impress with "Free Ride" and "The Lights", the former featuring a howling piece of saxophone playing, and the latter slowing the tempo and displaying influences of blues.

"Don't You Feel" takes the The Lights back into relaxing territory, but they truly find their feet on "Neighbours". Infused by a funky bass line and complimented by the dual vocals of Caine and Andrews, it's a wonderful tune that would get any party into full swing. Unfortunately, it also means that the remainder of "Grand Union" doesn't reach the same quality, though "Am I Ever" proves to be an enchanting instrumental. Overall, it's an interesting and welcome record from The Lights, even if, in parts it can be rather hit-and-miss.

Alex Lai

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