Review of Can't Stand Me Now Single by The Libertines

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The Libertines - Can’t Stand Me Now - Single review

The Libertines

Can’t Stand Me Now

Yet another pure genius track from The Libs, however clouded by the most regrettable state of affairs.

‘Can’t Stand Me Now’, has all of those classic, kick-ass Libertine qualities – cocky and wholly stubborn rhythm; enviable melody and pure rock riffs, all topped off with a caress of harmonica.

The Libertines - Can’t Stand Me Now - Single review

As the debut and title track from The Libertines forthcoming album, ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ will leave every fan wondering whether the irony of these lyrics was intentional or perhaps a fitting coincidence.

‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ is one of those tracks you really want to hear as you leave the house in the morning; the longer it’s knocking about in your head the better.

A brilliant track and certainly a piece of history in the making.


Jemma Volp-Fletcher