The Knife - Interview

21 June 2005

The Knife

The Knife - Interview

The Knife - Interview
Contact Music spoke to Karin from the Swedish stars of The Knife about the new album and why they don’t like performing live.

Hey, how’s thing’s?

Fine thanks, tired!

Just got up? Sorry it’s early

No it’s fine I don’t mind!

I just want to know how you got started in the music industry.

Well The Knife started out in 1999, we’ve been making music since then. It’s been a fun ride. At the minute we’ve been relaxing and writing the new album!

Are you in the UK? What will you be doing over here?

We’re still in Stockholm and I don’t know when we will come over – it’s been a while! We won’t be performing just promoting the next time we come over!

Seeing as you don’t like performing live, what do you like?

We think our music should come across as an expression, music videos are for others people. We want to reach the audience through other means!

Could you describe your video for “Pass this on”?

I came up with the idea and wrote the song too, I wanted to use Richard (the transvestite) as an expression. We don’t want to project our image when we can use others!

What about your image – why do you cover your faces with face paint?

People should listen to our music instead of concentrating on what we look like! We like to get across the emotion and the feeling. The face paint is just a way of expressing our music, we never intended to make characters of ourselves – it’s just a lot of fun!

Image is not important to use – its all about the music!

I’ve listened to your new album “Deep cuts”, can you reflect on the music. How would you describe it to someone that’s never heard your music?

It’s basically electric pop with a hint of the 80s. It’s a little emotional and fun and it clashes with most things out there! Olof takes care of the musical side of the songs such as the beats and I write the songs. We don’t really have separate roles; we sometimes help each other out!

How was your time in the studio?

We record our music at home, when we’re not at home, we travel with our laptop and write things down. It’s a long process, it takes time and when the finished product is done it’s a great feeling!

Being brother and sister in a band, do you ever fall out?

We have our disagreements…

Do you come from a musical family?

Our dad can play most instruments, our inspiration didn’t really come from him but it’s great to have music at home when you’re a kid! He helped us out whenever we needed him. However, we made it on our own. Before The Knife I was in my own band and we started up our own record label. So I know the business pretty well!

Finally, here at we have an area on the website which is dedicated to unsigned artists. Do you have any advice for them?

Well, it’s tough. Make sure you evaluate on your idea. Always be creative and get what you want. Never forget where you came from!

Thanks Karin, I’d like to thank you for talking to us! Enjoy the rest of your day!

You too, thank you.


Bye now.


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