Review of Pass this on Single by The Knife

The Knife

The Knife - Pass this on - Single Review

The Knife - Pass this on - Single Review
The Knife

Pass this on

This ‘weird’ brother and sister duo hail from Stockholm Sweden and are back with this great tune, released on 13th June.

Taken from the second album “Deep cuts”, the crazy video features transvestite Rickard Engfors singing the track in a room full of men. The band are a little arty and refuse to play live! Apparently live shows are s**t!

Their music in general is very electro - pop and are a band inspired by the 80’s.

The track is quite dark yet pop! It seems to be aimed at political issues and maybe this is why they refuse to play live - they don’t want to be another genre of music that repeat themselves constantly!

Their name, The Knife speaks for itself! They cut you and make you listen to their music - which is nothing but torture…Only joking!!!

As for their image, it is pretty wacky in terms of how they never show there faces. Undiscovered identity may attract their fans from all corners of the world because they want to listen to the music!

The track is somewhat pop however; there are hints of rock trying to get out!

If you’re a fan of The Knife, check out their website as they’re looking for a fan to record a short film with them!

Candice Finney