The Kinks rocker Ray Davies is refusing to watch the new James Bond movie because he is convinced Daniel Craig is not tall enough to play the superspy.

British actor Craig has played the fictional hero in three movies, and his last outing, Skyfall, has become the first Bond film ever to break the $1 billion mark at the global box office.

Craig came under fire from Bond fans over his diminutive stature when he was initially hired for the job, and 007 enthusiast Davies is adamant the five feet, 10 inches (1.78 metres) tall actor is too short to play the legendary character - so he has vowed to boycott the franchise until a more convincing star is cast.

The rocker tells Britain's Uncut magazine, "I don't want to see the new James Bond film because I've met the guy (Craig) and he's small. No disrespect to Daniel Craig, he's a really good actor, I've seen him in many films doing great workmanlike performances."

Davies also accuses Bond bosses of moving the franchise too far away from its roots, adding, "It's become corporate. You've always got the feeling with James Bond before that it's a few little, bad gadgets. Now it's too technical. I'm still into schoolboy adventure with heroes and villains, that's what James Bond is. They're trying to make him psychological... It doesn't interest me."