The Kinks star Ray Davies has opened up about his secret booze battle a decade ago revealing he once locked himself away and drank solidly for three weeks.
The Come Dancing singer has confessed his clean-living image is somewhat of a myth - he simply didn't get drunk and take drugs in public.
Davies tells Mojo magazine he took drugs at art college before he became a star, and wasn't interested in them when he was at the top of the charts - and he was able to control his booze binge at a low point in his life.
He explains, "Not many people know this, but I was living alone in 2000/2001. I was living in an isolated place and drinking heavily.
"I watched the same film over and over again for three weeks. It comforted me, because I knew every line... It's a foreign movie.
"Alcohol did get the better of me. I was having sleep problems. But drink doesn't cure sleep."