The Kinks rocker DAVE DAVIES has blamed his wild drug-infused lifestyle during the 1960s for the severe stroke he suffered two years ago (04). Despite initial fears he would never walk or talk again, the guitarist has fully recovered from the ordeal but insists he never suspected it would happen - because he ditched his wild ways thirty years ago. Now, despite embracing a lifestyle of yoga, meditation, and healthy eating, he believes the drink and drugs he consumed when the band first became famous have taken an irreparable toll on his body. He says, "The doctors told me I had high blood pressure and that this was what had caused the stroke. "I remember thinking this was strange as I'd been eating healthily for nearly 40 years - ever since my early 20s in fact, when, because of the rock and roll life and a diet of pizza, drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, I'd become very run down. "Today, my intuition tells me that all the amphetamines I used as a young man played a role in my stroke. You can't abuse your body for so many years and not expect it to have an effect."