The Kinks star Dave Davies has taken aim at composer John Carpenter for suggesting he raised the rocker's son in a new magazine interview.

Davies took offence to a piece in Billboard, published on Monday (26Jan15), in which Carpenter referred to collaborator Daniel Davies as "my godson, the kid that I raised", and insisted the magazine editors run an online explanation.

The Kinks star even offered up a statement he suggested publication bosses should run, insisting Carpenter exaggerated his role in his son's upbringing.

Davies states, "To clarify, John Carpenter helped to raise my son Daniel Davies during a difficult period in Daniel's adolescence. John and I were close friends who lived near each other in Hollywood... After my bust up with Daniel's mother I moved out and, as we were close friends and as I had made him Daniel's godfather, it was decided that my adolescent son would move in with John while things were sorted out.

"I feel as though it is an exaggeration for John Carpenter to say he raised my son when really he just stepped in to help during a difficult period. He did not know my son during Daniel's early childhood years and I don't want to come off in the press as someone who neglected a son of mine.

"Whereas Daniel and John happily maintain a healthy bond, Daniel and I have always had a strong father and son relationship and bond as well. John has been a good friend of mine but I would regret if people came away from your article with a misunderstanding of my character and of past events."