The Killers plan to launch a hotline which people can call if they ''feel uncomfortable'' at their gigs.

The 'Caution' rockers' legal team launched an investigation last month after sound engineer, Chez Cherrie, alleged part of their crew had boasted about assaulting an unconscious woman backstage in a dressing room in Milwaukee but ultimately concluded there was ''no corroboration'' of the allegations.

However, the group - who were not implicated in the allegations - are determined to do what they can to make people feel safe around them.

Frontman Brandon Flowers said: ''We want everyone to feel safe at our gigs on our next tour. We're going to make a number available for anyone to call if they feel uncomfortable. Hopefully it will start a domino effect and we're happy that at least that's come out of this.''

And the 'Human' singer admitted he was incredibly relieved that the investigation ruled the claims had been a ''false alarm'' because he's so close to the group's crew.

He added to The Sun newspaper: ''As soon as we heard about it, we wanted to dive in. It's strange when it's in your own camp, and a lot of our crew have been with us since the beginning and are like family.

''Thank God it turned out to be a false alarm. I don't have any daughters, but I have a wife and four sisters, nieces and female cousins.

''I've seen first-hand what bad men can do to women's experiences. I would never turn a blind eye to something like that, so it was great we got answers so quickly.''

In a harrowing blog post, Cherrie had claimed she overheard a front of house engineer allegedly tell the crew members that there was ''a girl set up in Dressing Room A,'' and that they could put their name down ''when it's [their] turn''.

In a statement, the legal team for the Las Vegas band stated that they were ''unable to find any corroboration'' in the claims, but Cherrie said she had ''conflicted feelings'' about the response.

However, she praised the 'Somebody Told Me' band for carrying out the internal investigation and admitted she hopes it will be a starting point for future cases like this in the industry.

She said: ''After reading through the Killers' press release regarding my blog, I have conflicting feelings.

''First, I am grateful that they, as an organization, have taken my experience seriously and were moved to internally investigate and potentially lead the industry in a restorative manner so this never happens again. (sic)''