Review of When You Were Young Single by The Killers

The Killers
When You Were Young
Single Review

The Killers When You Were Young Single

Having had a chart-topping album nearly two years ago, it may have surprised some that this group of Las Vegas anglophiles have taken so long to release new material. Their popularity certainly hasn't suffered though, with a tour announced for later this year reportedly selling out in five minutes.

In the unlikely event that you may not have heard "When We Were Young" yet, don't be surprised to at first find yourself perplexed. It lacks the immediate impact of the singles from "Hot Fuss" and sees British influence replaced by those of their homeland - Springsteen certainly springs to mind from the thriving rhythm and powerful chords. Given a few listens it soon proves to be infectious, mainly due to a howling riff that doesn't let go once it hooks you in. Welcome back Brandon Flowers and company.

Alex Lai

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