Review of All these things that I've done Single by The Killers

The Killers

The Killers - All these things that I’ve done - Single Review

The Killers

All these things that I’ve done

Quite simply staggering. How is it possible that this quartet from the city of sleaze itself can keep churning out amazing track after amazing track?

Taken from the unbelievable album ‘Hot Stuff’ this track is jam-packed full of emotion and brimming over with soul just as it lyrics lead you to believe.

The Killers - All these things that Ive done - Single Review

Even more incredible live, ‘All these things I’ve done’ is pure testimony to the brilliant song writing skills of frontman Flowers which will one day see this band entered into the rock royalty history books.

With a B-side co-penned by the cream of Manchester, Morrissey, how can The Killers fail to rocket up the charts with this latest track? Simply more credentials to convince the British public that The Killers will be rocking us up with their electro vibes for a long time to come.


Jemma Volp-Fletcher