Review of Bitten By Wolves Album by The Keys

Maybe it's the sheer boredom of growing up in small towns that fires the imagination or perhaps it's the mushrooms they grow that are the trigger. Whatever it is, Wales has always produced a significant amount of psychedelia. A psychedelic band from Wales you say? When you consider the music that has emanated from this small country from the likes of Super Furry Animals, Gorky's Zygotic Munki, or more recently Soft Hearted Scientists, The Voices and White Noise Sound this should no longer come as a surprise.

The Keys Bitten By Wolves Album

However that's where the 'Welshness' ends. The Keys release their debut album in 2011 although it sounds distinctly like it's been recorded in 1969. The music owes more to the West Coast USA sound of Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys (particularly with the harmonies) than it does to the Super Furry Animals brand of fuzzy logic. This is all very nice and the album is all rather pleasant, however there's very little to get excited about until 'Transformation' where The Keys truly kick in and come across like a demented Coral. All hopes of a full on freakout are dashed however as the band resumes the pleasantries.

Overall this album is a pleasant listen but aside from Transformation there's very little to get excited about. However, saying this, there is promise there and it will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

Scott Causer