Move over Will, Simon, Neil and Jay! The girls are coming! The team behind the hit Channel 4 comedy The Inbetweeners are reportedly about to launch a brand new sitcom but this time, the central characters are going to be a group of recently graduated girls. The new show is entitled Drifters and according to The Sun, has already been dubbed ‘the new Inbetweeners’ by those in the know.

It’s not just the production team that link the two shows though. Inbetweeners fans will recognise the stars of Drifters, because they featured in the Inbetweeners movie (which gets its UK network TV premiere this evening). Lydia Rose Bewley and Jessica Knappett played the clubbers, Jane and Lisa, who make friends with the lads whilst they’re on holiday in Malia. Lauren O’Rourke, meanwhile, featured in the sitcom series, as Neil’s girlfriend Nicole.

The new show is written by Jessica and three girls play a trio of friends, Bunny Meg and Laura. The show follows them as they make the transition from university life, through working in menial jobs in Leeds and trying to figure out exactly what it is that they want to do with their lives. The executive producer Iain Morris said “We’re delighted to be involved with Jess’s sitcom. She is hysterically funny.” 

Watch the trailer for The Inbetweeners, which debuts on UK network TV this evening