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The Holloways
Two Left Feet 07
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The Holloways Two Left Feet 07 Single

If you have listened to The Holloways debut album then there is no doubt that you get where this review is coming from, if not sorry.

The Holloways are set to release Two Left Feet 07, in other words a bloody re-release. Now yes this is a quality tune but what is with releasing it again? The album So This Is Great Britain has plenty of singles and is testament to itself that there is no need what so ever to bang out a re-release (oh and add an 07 at the end of the track name)

Two Left Feet 07 the second time round seems a bit lifeless really, maybe it is the disappointment of seeing it released again who knows? It does not seem to have the same edge as it did first time around.

Just a little tip, don't eat yellow snow and don't re-release tracks they are both sickening.

Mark Moore

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