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3rd September 2012

Fact: Rockers The Hives didn't dress down for Jay Z's Made in America festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Sunday (02Sep12) - the band braved the rain and hit the stage in their customary top hat and tails.

2nd July 2012

Quote: "We wanted to play for people that didn't know anything about the band... Maybe they hated us, but they're not the kind of audience that throws things at bands, so we were safe." The Hives frontman HOWLIN' PELLE ALMQVIST on the group's decision to tour with Maroon 5 in 2007.

2nd July 2012

Quote: "We got castles in the country. (Drummer) Chris (Dangerous) had 14 cars at one point... I bought a 50s Les Paul Sunburst, which is pretty stupid because I don't play guitar." The Hives frontman HOWLIN' PELLE ALMQVIST on how the band spent its alleged $10 million (£6.25 million) record label advance in 2002.

16th November 2008

Fact: Swedish rockers The Hives and Cyndi Lauper have collaborated on a new holiday tune, A CHRISTMAS DUEL. The track will be available to download for free online on 28 November (08).

14th May 2007

Fact: The Hives frontman PELLE ALMQVIZT has penned a new tune with the Raconteurs for the group's second album.

24th August 2006

Quote: "I wouldn't have written HEY YA! if it weren't for The Hives." Outkast star Andre 3000 admits his biggest hit was inspired by a Hives show he saw in New York.

13th October 2005

Fact: <p>Steve Van Zandt has signed up to narrate a new DVD documentary about Swedish rockers The Hives. TUSSLES IN BRUSSELS will be released on 15 November (05). </p>

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