Review of The Best Of... Album by The Herbaliser

It seems fitting to receive a 'best of' compilation of tracks from The Herbaliser who's discography and contribution to the UK music scene in 90's was first rate. A great signing for Ninja Tunes that propelled the mix of breaks, jazz and hip hop fusion that The Herbaliser did so well into the main vein of the masses. Events like the The Big Chill and the continuing success of 'trip hop' with bands like Bonobo and even future sounds like Dubstep all have to thank the vision of Ninja Tunes and The Herbaliser for their progressive vision.

The Herbaliser The Best Of... Album

I was a fan of The Herbaliser in the 90's. It sounded really fresh, exciting and innovative at the time. 'Gadget Funk' is a great way to start the compilation of. It's nice to see some major bangers on there, for me anyway, like 'The Blend' featuring Jean Grae is as far as I'm concerned a hip hop fusion classic! There's a whole host of cool featured artists on there like Roots Manuva, MF Doom and DJ Food. I'm pleased to see 'Sensual Women' on this album and it wouldn't be a Herbaliser 'best of' without trademark tunes 'The Missing Suitcase' and 'Something Wicked'.

'The Best Of The Herbaliser' is certainly a nice slice of the work they've done. 'Trip hop' or 'breakbeat' was described as this style of music. The vision of Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba from London gave the music a style and sophistication that created a cool and UK eclectic sound. It certainly shows innovative production and an insight to experiment. Although a lot of the tracks do sound quite '90's' you couldn't go far wrong with purchasing this compilation for a look into what The Herbaliser did so well.

Tareck Ghoneim


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