Review of That Kind Of Man/Coleen Single by The Heavy

The Heavy
That Kind Of Man/Coleen
Single Review

The Heavy That Kind Of Man/Coleen Single

This single is very much influenced by classic stomping heavy funk. It fact you could place it completely in the 70's. The Heavy do this very well. 'That Kind Of Man' is a dirty, stomping funk track that resembles Curtis Mayfield. That's a compliment to the singer who can certainly sing although you wouldn't equate that this band come from South West England. You'd easily think this band is from America. 'Coleen' is more chilled but with the same funk fuelled energy. 'Easier' on this single is also good with nice drumming.
I guess my main criticism of this single is that if you're a funk lover it doesn't sound much different from what you could have heard before. It's not incorporating new modern sounds however they play funk very well and it's good to see people still embracing this sound. If funk comes back in the mainstream I reckon these guys will be right up there and people wanting to hear new bands playing funk will like it.