Review of Sixteen Single by The Heavy

Review of The Heavy's single Sixteen.

The Heavy Sixteen Single

I wasn't sure if my Mojo was still working before I listened to The Heavy, but it definitely is, and so is theirs. The four lads from Bath have merged dirty guitar riffs, with ripped up beats, blues vocals and fat bass lines. Being a huge blues fan and player I loved this single, particularly the title 'Sixteen'. The track has a bayou blues feel to it, not much unlike Creedence Clearwater Revival in their early days. Singing about sixteen year old beauties and the Devil also lends heavily from many of the blues classics.

This however may prove to be a drawback for the Bath blues boys, if you do not like the blues then you may not like 'Sixteen' and the second track 'No Time', whilst having some heavy bass drumming and grunged guitar the track has a slight mid nineties Reef feel to it.

Their gig agenda is filled with US, Canadian and UK dates so they must have fans about, and the title track alone is enough to make me go search for more.

Pablo Roffey

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