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26th February 2014

Fact: Dallas star Linda Gray earned just $25 (£15) when she posed for the iconic film poster for The Graduate. The former model's leg was used in the photo instead of the movie's lead actress, Anne Bancroft.

20th February 2013

Fact: German model Heidi Klum has re-enacted Anne Bancroft's famous seduction scene in The Graduate for a new U.S. fast food chain ad. Instead of holding a cigarette, as Bancroft did in the classic film, Klum waves a Carl's Jr. hamburger.

21st December 2012

Tweet: "It's after the End of the World deadline. If I'm dead, then I'm in Heaven. Bc (because) I'm laying around watching The Graduate w (with) @hilariabaldwin". Actor Alec Baldwin pokes fun at the false Doomsday prophecy, which predicted the world would end on Friday (21Dec12).

12th October 2009

Fact: The Graduate filmmaker Mike Nichols has been selected to receive a Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute at a gala in Los Angeles next summer (10).

15th April 2009

Fact: Actress Lisa Rinna's naked photospread in the new Playboy magazine is a homage to Anne Bancroft's portrayal of seductress MRS. ROBINSON in The Graduate.

24th July 2008

Quote: "PAUL (SIMON) did a much better job than I could have done at my age." Folk star Janis Ian has no regrets about turning down the chance to pen the soundtrack to The Graduate.

11th May 2008

Quote: "She was in her late forties. I should never have seen The Graduate, should I?" Patrick Dempsey on his short-lived marriage to his former manager ROCKY PARKER, who was twice his age.

11th December 2007

Quote: "If The Graduate hadn't come along when I was 30, they would still be asking for my ID, I think. Right up until the time I was getting recognised they were asking for it." Actor Dustin Hoffman on the downside of looking perpetually youthful.

3rd January 2007

Quote: "We've teased each other recently about doing The Graduate on Broadway." Demi Moore admits she and toyboy husband Ashton Kutcher have considered recreating the parts of ageing seductress MRS ROBINSON and BENJAMIN BRADDOCK in the beloved comedy.

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