Author CHARLES WEBB is writing a sequel to his hit book The Graduate, but he doesn't want the project to become a movie until after his death.

According to website GUARDIANUNLIMITED.COM, Webb's new book, HOME SCHOOL, picks up The Graduate story several years after the original, which was turned into a cult film starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft.

In the sequel, Webb's lead character BENJAMIN, who was played by Hoffman, is now a father who opts to teach his children at home, while attempting to escape the spectre of his former seducer MRS ROBINSON (Bancroft).

Webb insists he won't let the book be published until after his death, because he couldn't bare to see a bad film adaptation of his final work.

He says, "It would be devastating to publish the book and then be a bystander and watch a mediocre movie made of this story."

31/03/2005 21:25