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Dustin Hoffman Picked Up Directing Tips From Nichols And Levinson

Dustin Hoffman drew from his on-set experiences with The Graduate's Mike Nichols to ensure he got the best out of his lead stars when he stepped up to direct Quartet.The Tootsie star admits he had...

Hoffman's Mother Urged Him To Have Nose Job

DUSTIN HOFFMAN almost changed his trademark shapely nose as a teenager, because his mother told him he would be happier if he underwent cosmetic surgery. THE GRADUATE legend was almost convinced by his parent, who...

Reiner: 'There's Truth Behind The Graduate'

Classic movie THE GRADUATE is based on the story of a real-life California family in the 1960s, according to Hollywood director ROB REINER. The film-maker's latest picture, RUMOR HAS IT, pits JENNIFER ANISTON as...

Webb Is Writing Graduate Sequel

Author CHARLES WEBB is writing a sequel to his hit book THE GRADUATE, but he doesn't want the project to become a movie until after his death. According to website GUARDIANUNLIMITED.COM, Webb's new book,...

Cindy Crawford's Pitiful Acting Skills

CINDY CRAWFORD's first attempt to get into films got off to a dismal start when she auditioned for THE GRADUATE director MIKE NICHOLS - and forgot to act. The American mega-model later went on...

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