Review of From 001 to 004 EP by The Good The Bad

Review of The Good The Bad's EP From 001 to 004

The Good The Bad From 001 to 004 EP

Those who associate Denmark with the ambient noodling of Efterklang or Our Broken Garden had better start thinking again. Good Bad's press notes promise that the trio's four track debut EP will release an 'Unrelenting merciless tidal wave of sexual musical pleasure'. Crikey. Somebody better put the kettle on.

Describing their music as 'New skool surf', any of you thinking about cuttin' some rug to cutesy Beach Boys-esque sunshine pop are better advised to look elsewhere. When Adam Olsson (Axe), Johan Lei Gellett (Tubs) and the splendidly named Manoj Ramdas (Baritone axe) say surf, they mean the Tarantino strain, music to soundtrack jets of back projected arterial blood and the voyeurish chaos of random violence. I could point to a specifc song, but as they're all numbered rather than named, all less than two and a half minutes long and all steeped in the tremelo' n grit of Dick Dale, it wouldn't mean a heck of a lot to you. Baffling yes, but fans of the early White Stripes, or The Hives may want to take a listen.

Andy Peterson

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