The Go-GO'S star Belinda Carlisle is determined never to live in Los Angeles again - because the city brings out her inner "bad girl".
The Heaven on Earth hitmaker was born and raised in Hollywood but the glamorous lifestyle took its toll on her after she dabbled with drugs for decades.
The 51 year old moved to France in the early 1990s - but she's so terrified her addiction demons will return, she refuses to move back to her birthplace.
She says, "I was a drug addict and it came to a head when I was 45. That was a long time.
"I kinda like being a bad girl. I have been living in France for 16 years and I think that L.A., when you get to dip in and out, on the surface it's really easy - you can park, it's nice weather, but it's a very hard city in many ways, and it can really play with your head."