Review of New Hopes, New Demonstrations Album by The Ghost of a Thousand

Review of The Ghost of a Thousand album New Hopes, New Demonstrations.

The Ghost of a Thousand New Hopes, New Demonstrations Album

This is a most savoury treat for the hardcore punk metal fans out there, especially those looking for a new way to piss off their neighbours. That is assuming the people next door don't crave plaster cracking bass lines and chunky guitar fuzz kicking at the skirting boards of their suburban semi-detached boudoir at 2.37am.

This album has a good balance of angry screaming interweaved with some softer musings, providing a furious and passionate collection of garage punk that any decent human being should be grateful to hear at any time of the day or night.

The fast, repetitive guitar work and exuberant cymbal thrashing, gives the album more eye watering momentum than an African bush elephant on roller skates. The only criticism is that it was over too quickly for my liking. Before I had realised that my ears were bleeding, the final song 'Good old fashioned loss' had crept up behind me and started to lick them better.

After being nominated for best British newcomer at the 2007 Kerrang music awards for their debut album 'This is where the fight begins' these Brighton boys have managed to create another astounding album, that doesn't spare the beasts.

Rating 8/10

Rory Taylor

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