Review of Worry About It Later Single by The Futureheads

The Futureheads
Worry About It Later
Single Review

The Futureheads Worry About It Later Single

Who would have thought it, that just two albums into their career The Futureheads would have reached a crossroads already?

While they have to be commended for not rehashing the first album in its' entirety, the distinct lack of immediacy and direction on 'News And Tributes' means that picking an accessible single from 'News And Tributes' really is akin to selecting a needle from a haystack, and a very large one at that. With the wind and rain making conditions even worse. And a heap of bull excrement plonked unceremoniously in the middle.

'Worry About It Later' isn't strictly speaking a bad record, but it isn't awe inspiring either, and when you think this time two years ago they were throwing better songs than this - what is frankly an update on Joe Jackson's 'Stepping Out' - away as b-sides ('Piece Of Crap' and 'Ticket' to name but two), the future doesn't look as bright as it could, and undoubtedly should do.


Dom Gourlay

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