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The Fray
How To Save A Life
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The Fray How To Save A Life Album

A band that has built on buzz and iTunes downloads, The Fray are a Denver 4 piece whose single How To Save A Life was streamed more than 38 million times on MySpace, and then played all over Radio 1 in the UK. The hunger for the band's music has led to this early release in the UK. How To Save A Life is a great slice of slightly college-leaning rock - think Lifehouse with a bit of Keane, or Nickelback with a dose of Hootie and the Blowfish. Even, perhaps, Pearl Jam, if they ever aimed at soft rock.

Although the title single is a memorable song, it's not the best on the album - it acquired a buzz of its own, however, after it was played at the funeral of a teenager who died in an accident, and this song was the last he had downloaded. Elsewhere the melodic rock stays a few notches above average - the piano mellowing the overall sound, to produce a more grown-up version of emo. A very strong debut indeed.


Mike Rea

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