Review of Chelsea Dagger Single by The Fratellis

The Fratellis
Chelsea Dagger
Single Review

The Fratellis Chelsea Dagger Single

The Fratellis have already shown their range with previous single Henrietta and EP, but now on the eve of the release of their full album Costello Music the lads release the rousing 'Chelsea dagger'.

Its high tempo agitated strings and drums start the track off in an almost striptease fashion, which is aptly depicted in the songs video. Its foot stomping beats, clapability and sing-a-long "Do, Do Do's" have already made the track an indie disco favourite and neatly add to the building of the high powered chorus crescendo, which ends the track suddenly in apnoeic fashion.

This build-up and sudden ending is reminiscent of a roller coaster ride, but although there aren't any commemorative pictures at the end for you to buy, you'll be left with an inquisitive feeling to check out the album. So if you like what you've already heard so far, you should follow you intuition as 'Chelsea dagger' is almost a peep hole into the rest of the album.

Adam Adshead

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