Review of Here We Stand Album by The Fratellis

Read our album review of The Fratellis second album Here We Stand released through Island Records.

The Fratellis Here We Stand Album

Propelled by the terrace-anthem success of 'Chelsea Dagger', Scotland's The Fratellis have returned with the follow-up to the million-selling debut 'Costello Music'. Already previewed on tour earlier this year, they make appearances on the festival circuit at T In The Park and Leeds/Reading.

They say 'if it ain't broke don't fix it', a piece of advice that this trio seem to have followed pretty closely. While nothing on 'Here We Stand' is anywhere near as potent as their aforementioned hit, they certainly have an ear for cracking rock'n'roll, as exemplified by lead single 'Mistress Mable', an upbeat combination of guitar and piano lines that should have you tapping along incessantly. There's also plenty of fun to be had with the swaggering 'My Friend John', while 'A Heady Tale' has plenty of energy and a feel-good factor which will surely have audiences bouncing along once the chorus kicks in.

Having shown on their first record they are just as adept at slower tracks, the middle section of this album offers respite from the uptempo numbers. 'Stragglers Moon' sees them uncharacteristically moody, while 'Look Out Sunshine!' has a fantastic melody that makes it an instant winner and possible sing-a-long moment at festivals. Add to the ingredients the odd dabble in metal ('Tell Me A Lie' features the band cranking up the power chords) and what you get is a record which represents musicians confident in their ability. Existing fans will no doubt adore it, while for casual observers there are many worse current British bands that they could be subjected to.

Alex Lai

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