Review of Some Kind Of Salvation Album by The Features

Album review for Some Kind Of Salvation from Some Kind Of Salvation.

The Features Some Kind Of Salvation Album

The Features hail from Nashville Tennessee though musically they sound something like what the Kings of Leon might sound like if they were from Brighton in the UK, it's edgy hooky pop.

The bands first album 'Exhibit A' didn't really go anywhere, for 'Some Kind of Salvation' the group parted ways with their record label and have concocted a great new album which is a huge improvement on their first effort, The Features seem to have tightened up in everyway.

60's pop influences do shine through the music, but they all have a contemporary edge, the music is full of necessary hooks and a good groove to keep indie club kids quite happy. Many of the songs on this album could quite happily sit in the UK chart, 'Lions' is just as good pop song as any currently gracing the chart.

Hopefully with the right push, The Features will become a better known name in the UK.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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