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18th September 2014

Quote: "Who decided it was time to start liking her again? I never even liked her the first time round. It's like all these radio Djs have been raiding their mam's and dad's record collections and decided that Kate Bush is suddenly cool again. But I'm not having it." The Fall star Mark E. Smith is baffled by Kate Bush's comeback. The Wuthering Heights hitmaker is in the midst of a 22-date run of concerts in London.

27th February 2014

Quote: "It's always been going on. There's a lot of Fall fans in (British intelligence agency) Gchq, they'd intercept stuff from record labels. In the '90s, I knew I was gonna be dropped from Phonogram before they did! Now you get that German woman (German chancellor Angela Merkel) going, 'Oh, I've been tapped...' I should think so - the last time we didn't tap you, we got the Second World War!" The Fall frontman Mark E. Smith is convinced the U.K.'s phone hacking scandal is not a new issue.

21st May 2013

Quote: "I think it's disgusting that someone like Hugh Grant can dictate what newspapers say." The Fall rocker Mark E. Smith is sickened by a campaign to reform the British press, which is spearheaded by actors Grant and Steve Coogan.

28th February 2013

Quote: "Keep your mouth shut, stay out as long as you can and don't get a mobile phone." The Fall star Mark E. Smith on his successful marriage to wife Elena, who he wed in 2001.

15th June 2008

Quote: "There are no red squirrels in Salford." The Fall rocker MARK E. SMITH insists he was joking when he said he'd killed endangered rodents with hedge cutters in a recent interview. His comments, made to Britain's Uncut magazine sparked an animal rights protest.

18th March 2007

Fact: British cult group The Fall have landed a big break in America, providing the music for the latest Mitsubishi SUV TV ad campaign. The 30-year-old group's BLINDNESS is the theme to the new commercial.

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