Formed in 2006, the indie band is comprised of frontman Tom Clarke, drummer Liam Watts and bass player Andy Hopkins.

But Tom has now confirmed that the band will be over following a six-date trek, which is set to be announced on Monday (11Apr16). He explained the decision was mostly down to lack of coverage in the media and on radio, plus his own battle with depression, which he revealed in 2014.

"Sadly funding and releasing records just isn't possible without support and exposure from radio," he writes on the band's Facebook page. "This frustrates and saddens me in equal measure. While this is the main reason it has to be said it's not the only one. Health issues for myself and one of us becoming a proud father are amongst some of the others.

"10 years, 4 albums, well over 1,000,000 record sales and uncountable sell out tours is not too shabby for an alternative indie band, but these numbers aren't what makes me proud personally, the fans are. They drove this band, they provided the fire for this decade long journey. I have always loved them and I always will. They've kept me going at times when I thought nothing else might. To all Enemy fans, I adore you."

The Away From Here singers scored a number one album on the U.K. chart with their 2007 debut We'll Live and Die in These Towns. Their last record, It's Automatic, received mixed reviews upon release in October last year (15).