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The Enemy
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The Enemy Had Enough Single

Coventry based The Enemy are set to release their third Single Had Enough. These guys are one of those bands that you either love or hate, there seems to be no in between when discussing this band. Fortunately for The Enemy Radio One are one of those entities that love em and seemingly give them no end of air play and all three Singles have now been down as record of the week from DJ or another.

With two successful Singles do The Enemy ironically go with third time unlucky with Had Enough? One thing is for certain about these guys and that is that they seem to be trying to revive the mod scene through their music. Had Enough is something that would not seem out of place at all on a Jam record. The only difference being that Tom on leads vocals doesn't have the same power and presence as Mr Modfather himself Paul Weller, but you can see how far he himself has come. Out of the three Singles release by the trio from the Midlands this is probably the weakest track to date, but at the same time it still holds that catchy hook that we now seem to expect from The Enemy.

So three Singles out, and been touring with the likes of The Fratellis and Manic Street Preachers surely it is now time for an album release. It is now time to see what this band are really made of and a load of Singles is not going to do that.

Mark Moore

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