Review of Music For The People Album by The Enemy

Review of The Enemy's album Music For The People

The Enemy Music For The People Album

I have to admit that although I liked The Enemy's debut 'We'll Live And Die In These Towns', it didn't make me a huge fan and I had not given two thoughts about their follow up. However, from the ominous build up of the intro to 'Elephant Song' and the ACDC like guitar riff I had similar feelings to when I first played the Stone Roses' 'Second Coming'. The track instantly gives a more grown up feel to the Enemy's sound, coupled with the string arrangement and swirling vocals the boys seem to have dabbled into a different musical pot.

Thus continues into the second track 'No Time For Tears' with it's Massive Attack feel; heavily distorted bass and confident power chords. Tom Clarke's vocal similarities with Fergal Sharkey return with female support on the chorus. '51ST State' has, as we have seen before, a strong Jam influence and 'Sing When Your In Love' is sure to be a festival favourite with its simple chorus hook.

It has to be said however that the initial excitement generated from the first handful of songs subdues on the second half of the album. Its not that the remaining songs are poor, we just don't get anymore of the AC DC attitude, just more of the Jam-esque numbers we heard on the first album that often lack in originality.

If you're the type of person who puts on a CD while getting ready to go out, and like me you only take 15 minutes to get ready. give it a try you will enjoy it. However, if you are a girl, maybe buy something else with more substantial quality. Again, I don't think I will be eagerly anticipating their next album and maybe the title was a little over zealous.

Rating: 6/10

Pablo Roffey

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