The Edge thinks it "doesn't matter" if he plays well.

The U2 guitarist claims the band have put on an "amazing" show every night of their current '360 Degrees' tour, regardless of how well he is playing.

The 48-year-old rocker explained: "Ironically, I had an awful show in Poland, personally. I didn't play well, had lots of stupid technical problems, was just uncomfortable all night and it was one of the best shows of the tour.

"You can also have the best show you've had for weeks and for whatever reason the chemistry doesn't go off. It's humbling, in a good way - you realise, 'Oh, I don't really matter that much.' "

U2 - consisting of lead singer Bono, bassist Adam Clayton, drummer Larry Mullen Jr. and Edge - have been touring since 1980.

Edge has "loved" every minute of the past three decades, but admits he'd be less enthusiastic if the group hadn't been so successful.

He told Britain's The Times newspaper: "There's never a moment of, 'ho hum, here we go again'. It's just still so much fun. Though I'm not sure I'd be enjoying it quite so much if we were still going up and down the M1 in a coach, playing clubs."