U2 star The Edge was inspired to make a documentary about the plight of the homeless after hearing of a heroic rescue story in his native Ireland.
The musician recently debuted his MTV film The Break, which focuses on the struggle of three homeless individuals as they attempt to rebuild their lives.
The Edge, who acted as executive producer on the show, has spent more than 10 years brooding on the issue after hearing about Tony Paget, a homeless man who helped to save the life of a bus driver when his vehicle plunged into a river in Dublin in 2000.
The rocker admits the tale of heroism stayed with him and inspired him to raise awareness of the problems facing the homeless.
He tells TheWrap.com, "For me, there was something about the homelessness issue that was like this voice just saying, you've got to try to find some way of getting involved here.
"There were a couple of stories... that sort of inspired me. One Irish homeless man, in Dublin, quite famously rescued the driver of a bus that had plunged into the River Liffey. And he and a passer-by actually climbed down though this wrecked bus because the front of it was in the water but the back of it was accessible from the bridge.
"And they climbed down through the broken rear window and dragged the bus driver out and saved his life. But (Paget) ended up wandering into the night with his wet clothes to sleep rough.
"And it just struck me as a kind of really tragic scenario - I wasn't the only one. It was a big story in Ireland.