A full The Doors reunion could be possible this year (07) if Pearl Jam star Eddie Vedder agrees to perform with the rock legends again. Vedder joined the three existing members of the group for shows and studio sessions a decade ago and drummer John Densmore reveals he'd consider ending his stand-off with his bandmates if the ALIVE singer agreed to front them for 40th anniversary shows. Densmore has been fighting with former Doors bandmates Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek ever since they launched THE DOORS OF THE 21ST CENTURY with The Cult singer Ian Astbury, and even though the trio appeared together at a recent book signing event in Los Angeles, the drummer refused to be part of a planned performance at fabled Los Angeles venue the Whisky A Go Go. Densmore reveals he, Krieger and Manzarek are planning to host another book and poetry reading and signing event in England later this year (07), but he owes it to the memory of late bandmate Jim Morrison to only perform with the perfect frontman. Densmore says, "I play with Jim. If there's someone of that level, OK. I'm not gonna join them with Ian. That's not to diss Ian, he's a good singer - but he's no Jim Morrison. Eddie Vedder? My God, there's a singer." Asked if he'd perform with his bandmates if Vedder was on board for shows, the drummer adds, "Probably." But he admits lawsuits and legal issues that escalated after he forced his bandmates to drop the name The Doors of The 21st Century and adopt RIDERS ON THE STORM instead will always get in the way of a full reunion. He explains, "They've appealed my whim, but it's still a quiet celebration in my mind. I mean, it's gonna go on for another year - more lawyers... It's hard to be chummy with that going on."