The Donnas - Interview

11 March 2005

The Donnas

The Donnas - Interview

Alison, the Guitarist from The Donnas caught up with Contactmusic before the start of their final European tour date at the Astoria in London.

So how is your day going?

Ok thanks, we are only in London for about 24 hours so it's a little crazy trying to fit everything into one day, we drove down from Glasgow first thing this morning, We all have a lot of things to fit into today because it was back in the fall when we last came over to the UK. We've been touring Europe & this is our final show. We are flying back home tomorrow.

What’s next for you?

Well over here in the UK the single IDon’t Want to Know is going to be released. It all seems like such a long time ago for us because it has been released in the US and we made the video for it last year.

The Donnas - Interview
The Donnas - Interview

We are going on tour around the US with Maroon 5; I'm looking forward to that. We should be back in the UK for some festivals through the summer time.

When does your tour start with Maroon 5?

We actually start next week! We get home and have a couple of days break and then we get straight back on the tour bus. It would be nice to have a little more time off than we do but at least we don’t have to worry about Jet lag, it will be a little more convenient for us.

Which song on gold medal sums up your present mood and why?

Oh well, at the moment, I would have to say “Don’t Break Me Down”. It's a positive song but it's about when you're tired of doing things and learning to accept what’s happening & not fighting things. I love touring and playing live, but it's getting near the end of our tour & I’m feeling pretty exhausted and I’m also looking forward to going home but, like the song, I'm not letting things get to me and I’m not letting the distraction of going home take over and get in the way of my enjoyment when playing a gig.

So, what do you prefer; touring or being in the studio?

I love both, but I guess you can get sterile in the studio & you can re-do things more than you really need to. Playing live really wins out over recording, I love seeing people enjoying our show & I enjoy having a good interaction with our fans.

What do you think to UK Bands at the moment?

To be honest I’m not really up-to-date with new music anywhere in the world. When we first started out and I was in high school everything in my collection was British. Most of my main influences were British, bands like The Kinks & The Jam. When bands like Supergrass & suede came along I really got into them, I would always buy their records but I would also buy any bands that they said they were into.

You have proven to everyone that music is a forte for you, what are you not so good at?

Hahaha, I've never been good at sewing if I ever have a whole in any of my clothes I always pass things onto Mya our bassist. I also have a pet hate about returning things to department stores. I would prefer to keep something that im never going to wear again rather than get into a big fight over it! Untangling necklaces, I've never been good that things like that. I guess that's like the sewing thing.

If you could create a super group who would be in it?

Ok well I would have Jimmy Page playing guitar & myself playing rhythm, Bootsy Collins on Bass, Joan Jet singing & a drummer is hard to think of? oh I guess I would have Alex Van Helen! Yea, I like the sound of that band we would rock!


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