Review of Ticket To Immortality Single by The Dears

The Dears
Ticket To Immortality
Single Review

The Dears Ticket To Immortality Single

Say you've had some decent press coverage and you've got an album out ("Gang Of Losers" in this case), what do you do to drum up a little interest? Slate your contemporaries of course, which is exactly what The Dears' singer Murray Lightburn did, as he's unimpressed with Hard-Fi's regular inclusion of The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" in their set. See if this Quebec sextet does any covers of their own when they tour the UK and Ireland from mid-October.

Quite why there has been a fuss about The Dears in the first place is quite bewildering, at least based on the offering that is "Ticket To Immortality". It's certainly not bad, but it does little to impress as a solid but unspectacular indie track. Undeniably, Lightburn has a charming voice, but the tune itself lacks a cutting edge, leaving the jury very much still out. Perhaps another criticism of a band will be needed to sustain interest.

Alex Lai

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