The Darkness have confirmed their new bassist is RICHIE EDWARDS - filling the gap left by Frankie Poullain's 'sacking' in May (05).

Edwards, originally a guitar technician for guitarist Dan Hawkins, was the hot favourite to replace Poullain, and after a strict auditioning process, the band decided to invite him on board.

Flamboyant singer JUSTIN HAWKINS says, "Richie's a good laugh and he's really good at playing bass, and at this stage that's all that matters."

And Edwards is thrilled to be a rock star at last after years spent as an unsung hero.

He enthuses, "It's difficult to put into words just how incredible it is. Music has been my life forever, and the only thing I've ever wanted to do is be in a band.

"After years spent trying to 'make it', in your late twenties you assume it's not going to happen and to be thrown this lifeline, to finally be given this opportunity... It's awesome - I just feel very lucky."

15/06/2005 17:36