The Darkness think Lady GaGa is like a mum to them.

The British rockers - who are supporting the 'Bad Romance' singer on her European tour - have revealed she is great to work with and admit she reminds them of their mothers as she is the ''life and soul of any party.''

Frontman Justin Hawkins - whose brother Dan is also in the band said: ''She has a similar energy to a Russian lady called Agatha who makes my stage clothes.

''But she's also got something that really reminds me of our mother. Some of her energy. You know what I mean?''

Dan added: ''And our mother is the life and soul of any party. She just has that same kind of energy, dancing around.''

The group - who have released their first album 'Hot Cakes' since they reformed in 2011 - have already performed in Bulgaria and Romania with the pop star and bassist Frankie Poullain admits she is great at multi-tasking.

He told The Times newspaper: ''It's funny; she reminds me of my mum as well. I wanna qualify that in the sense of the multi-tasking mentality, Gaga just goes from one subject to the next.

''She's very forthright and very fast. That's like my mum, who's quite hyper - and amazingly on the money.''