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Trevor Noah's Twitter History Means He's Causing Controversy Even Before Taking Over 'The Daily Show'

Trevor Noah became an instant name to know on Monday after he was announced as the replacement for departing ‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart. But it seems the comedian is already getting a crash course...

Comedian Trevor Noah Rumoured To Replace Jon Stewart On 'The Daily Show'

Trevor Noah is being considered as a replacement for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. The 31-year-old comedian has been a regular contributor to the show since December 2014 but may soon find himself the...

Kevin Hart Still Upset By Airport Toilet Encounter

The Ride Along star was a guest on The Daily Show in America on Wednesday (18Mar15) when he told host Jon Stewart that his stand-up routine is all based on things that have...

Samantha Bee Leaving "The Daily Show" To Start (Probably) Awesome New Tbs Show

The mass exodus from The Daily Show continues with Samantha Bee's departure, announced this Friday. Bee follows in the footsteps of her husband Jason Jones and, of course, Jon Stewart himself. It's kind of a...

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