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The D4 6TWENTY LP Infectious Records 17.06.02

The D4


Infectious Records 17.06.02

The garage guitar punk revolution has arrived, well if The D4 has any thing to do with it anyway. The D4 are the latest release to come out of Auckland City New Zealand. The four piece started out as a duo with Jimmy Christmas - vocals & guitar and Dion also vocals and guitar. And by 1998 the guys added 2 more members Vaughn - Bass and Beaver playing Drums.

Signed to the same label in the UK as My Vitriol, Ash and Seafood (Infectious UK). These guys know how to rock; no doubt this is a rock album full to the brim of fast paced guitar parts and obvious heavy bass.

The album occasionally could do with a change of pace if your wanting to listen to the whole thing through, but that's not what these guys are about. Rock'n'Roll Motherfu**er is The D4's first single, even though The D4 have had a few EP's out featuring some tracks on the album this was the first fully fledged single. Similarly this is the first track on the album. "I wanna give it to your sister and brother like a mother fucker..." just gives you a taster of the lyrics in this song.

My highlights on the 6TWENTY are, Come on!, Pirate Love (Cover), Running on Empty (nothing to do with the Jackson Browne Album), Ladies Man with a funky heavy bass and drums the same kind of "fun rock" Terrorvision were made famous for, Mysterex (cover) and Heartbreaker (end track).

On the 12 track album there's 3 covers:

Pirate Love by Johnny Thunders

Invader Ace by Guitar Wolf (when this song is sung it really does sound like their singing Invade Her Ass Intentional or not it makes for amusing listening)

Mysterex by The Scavengers.

Heartbreaker brings the album to a close one of the slower "cooler" intros on the album it rounds the 40 minutes up nicely.

6TWENTY on the whole is a great album, if you get the chance pay a visit to see them in concert, or if your one of the lucky ones who managed to capture tickets for the "most secure" gig of the year, Glastonbury you can catch the band playing there.

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