Review of 4:13 Dream Album by The Cure

4:13 Dream album review from The Cure released through Geffen.

The Cure 4:13 Dream Album

The Cure are in luck. They are in luck because they are 35 minutes away from the '4:48 Psychosis' flagged up by playwright Sarah Kane (the time in the morning that she would wake up, in her severely depressed state), and can therefore carry on with their 4:13 dreaming. In addition to this reassuring revelation, The Cure are also in luck because they already have a pretty steady fan-base of mucky lipstick 'n' bird's nest hair lovers. People will always purchase their latest CD because that is what they have been doing since the dawn of time. or the dawn of goth, anyway.

I'm joking, of course, the Cure aren't a goth band. They're The Cure and they do what The Cure do. And that's what 4:13 Dream does. Robert Smith does his angsty yelp all over 'The Only One' like he was just a wee upset lad again. In a state of terminal stasis, The Cure haven't changed much in the last 20 years. or if they have, it is not evidenced here. There are the same shimmery guitars, the same bombastic choruses, the same people asking if the engineer slipped on the reverb button again. So: the rules are: If you like The Cure, you'll like this album by The Cure. If you don't like The Cure, you won't like this album by The Cure. And the curveball: If you like Shed Seven, you might like this album by The Cure.

Hayley Avron

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