The Cult frontman Ian Astbury is hoping to add documentarian to his resume by making a movie based on Nobel Prize-winning author Andrea Smith's book Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide.
The rocker, who has always been fascinated by Native American culture, has teamed up with filmmaker Mona Lavelle to develop the hard-hitting movie.
He tells, "It's (film) to do with matricide and how our culture destroys women, and how society still isn't working for the woman.
"We haven't been in a place where women have been in charge for thousands of years. That's one of the underlying things of the documentary."
And Astbury admits that making the movie with Lavelle, the wife of Unkle hitmaker James Lavelle, has made him realise what a better U.S. President Michelle Obama would make than her husband Barack.
The Brit adds, "It's great that Obama is the President, but he's not a woman. I think Michelle would make a much better president, personally... I think a woman could do a much better job. Men just f**k things up."
Meanwhile, Astbury is also behind the camera on two short film projects, including one he describes as "almost a Romeo and Juliet story set on a (Indian) reservation."