As we reach the death throws of the protracted Brexit negotiations between The United Kingdom and Europe we thought we'd compile our own little playlist to mark the occasion. Break-ups can be messy affairs in all walks of life and Brexit has not been an exception to that rule. The squabbling may be over who should get the fish instead of who should get custody of the pets but it's been no less acrimonious. With neither side wanting to cave in to the other's demands it's inevitably the kids who will suffer and most of them didn't even vote for it. So, with tongue firmly in cheek, here are the top ten songs that we've chosen to represent the agonisingly long, painful goodbye that is Brexit., Dover.

Jeff Buckley - The Last Goodbye.

Sadly, or maybe fortunately for him, Jeff Buckley is not around to see Brexit in action but he did record some cracking songs before his unfortunate death and this, 'The Last Goodbye', is surely one of them. From 1994's 'Grace' album, 'The Last Goodbye' is one of Buckley's more animated performances where he lets his voice take flight and soar. Whether Brexit will be the UK's last goodbye remains to be seen, we're clearly not good at them!

Yazoo - Don't Go.

From Yazoo's stunning debut album Upstairs At Eric's we had to include the club classic, Vince Clarke penned tune, Don't Go. It echoes the sentiment that a lot of Europeans feel, although that may have waned somewhat since the process of leaving has actually taken, you'd think, forever. Clarke's mastery of the synth and Alison Moyet's soulful vocal combine to give up one of the best pleading songs we could think of. 

The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Good question, and one that everyone should have thought long and hard about before voting to go on 23rd June 2016! The Clash's often rolled out anthem, infamously used in a 1991 Levi's jeans commercial, is a fitting song for everyone who dithered and everyone who didn't vote. We'll probably still be asking same question in ten years time but at least we get to hear Strummer, Jones, Headon and Simonon in all their glory once again. 

JoJo - Leave (Get Out).

Probably muttered and whispered in the hallowed halls of Europe's parliaments but definitely thought by many at some point, Leave (Get Out) sums up the frustration that is clearly being felt by all sides as Brexit negotiations drag on and on. Jojo's impassioned delivery of "It's the end of you and me, and I can't wait for you to be gone" is possibly where our fishermen are on the prospect of having the UK's waters all to themselves. 

The Vaccines - Post Break-Up Sex.

An unlikely scenario you may argue, Post Break-Up Sex, but you never know. We are not just going to sever all ties and not talk to Europe again, there's likely to be lots of after show parties and sordid little asides so the prospect of getting into bed with another European is always on the cards. We're still going to buy Beamers and Brie and they're still going to want Whiskey and Wensleydale. 

Soft Cell - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.

Oh the agonising torment! It's a long time ago that we said hello but every since the 51.89% of the vote went leave we've been trying so hard to wave goodbye but somehow just can't bring ourselves to finally do it. Who know's maybe some day we'll decide to say hello again. Heaven knows how long that might take to organise!

John Denver - Leaving On A Jet Plane.

Well we're leaving, albeit slowly, but by any means necessary and John's jet plane seems as good a way as any. The ferries are probably going to be snarled up, the roads will possibly be a car park and the swim is too cold for most so Leaving On A Jet Plane whenever we do actually leave seems like a good idea.  

David Bowie - Changes.

Bowie's Changes, from his 1971 Hunky Dory album, is an all time classic cut that fits beautifully into our playlist. "I still don't know what I was looking for" Bowie sings. Well I think it safe to say that all the remain voters have been wondering what the leavers we're looking for all along. 

Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye.

After four and a half long years it would appear that the UK can Never Say Goodbye. Europe remains our closest and biggest trading market and so we'll always have to deal with them on whatever terms are eventually agreed. Gloria didn't know it then but she's captured the essence of it all perfectly. 

Europe - The Final Countdown.

No Brexit based playlist would ever be complete without this cheesy cracker, so here, to cap it all off, is everyone's favourite sing-a-long anthem, The Final Countdown. Who knew they'd have written the lyrics so well, "We're leavin' together, But still it's farewell. And maybe we'll come back". It's been a long time coming but we do seem to be getting towards the end game at last.