The Clash's Paul Simonon's new clothing range is launched today (23.09.13).

The bass player and Sailor Jerry Clothing's ultimate new collaboration, The Flash Collection, is available to purchase from Lewis Leathers today after Paul combined his punk ethos with Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins and the British brand to produce a limited range of just 50 leather jackets, among other garments.

The 57-year-old musician customised one of his Lightning Jackets, one of the items he wore in his early years with The Clash, to create one of his unique signature designs.

He said: ''I've always admired Norman Collins' art. He was a real original and his designs were the template for many other tattooists.

''It's the first time I've done a collaboration and combining art and clothes design is right up my street.''

Derek Harris, owner of Lewis Leathers, added: ''Working with Paul and Sailor Jerry on The Flash Collection by Paul Simonon has been a great experience.

''Back in the day I was a big fan of The Clash and Paul was conspicuous in Lewis Leathers jackets, seeing Paul customise the Lightning is a proud moment for Lewis Leathers.

''The jacket looks very cool and we are delighted to be selling it in both our London and Japan stores, especially as there are only 50 being sold globally.''