The Civil Wars have cancelled the rest of the UK tour and have blamed “internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition” for the decision.

That’s right, folks, The Civil Wars appear to be having their own little civil war. Or perhaps it’s not been very civil. It’s hard to tell. The band posted a message on their Facebook, revealing that they were unable to continue with the tour but have said little else, since.

The band, who experienced success at this year’s Grammy Awards and appeared on the song ‘Safe and Sound’ with Taylor Swift, left a message with their fans, saying “We sincerely apologize for the canceling of all of our tour dates. It is something we deeply regret. However, due to internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition we are unable to continue as a touring entity at this time. We thank each and every one of you for your amazing love & support. Our sincere hope is to have new music for you in 2013.” On a more business-like note, they went on to offer a refund service for people left out of pocket by the cancellations.

Over 2,700 comments have been left on the Facebook page, with many fans expressing their concern for the band’s future, despite the suggestion of new music to come, although one commenter suggested that there had been signs of trouble, when they played at Gateshead’s Sage venue recently. David Heaney said “you guys lost me after the gateshead sage show played for under a hour and did not come back on for a encore you just looked like you did not want to be there.” The tour dates section on the band’s website is already eerily blank. 

Here's a clip of the band at that Gateshead show. What do you reckon? Do they look as though they want to be there?