Review of To Build A Home Single by Cinematic Orchestra

Cinematic Orchestra
To Build A Home
Single Review

Cinematic Orchestra To Build A Home Single

Ninja Tune just keep pulling the punches, with Amon Tobin's recent and awe-inspiring opus 'Foley Room' just being released, they're following up with a new one from The Cinematic Orchestra. 'To Build A Home' is the first single, lets see how they're doing.

Okay, I did not expect this. Upon opening you'd be forgiven for thinking this is a new Coldplay or Keane single, but fear not, they haven't lost the plot. With sombre piano, and vocals by Jason Swinscoe, this is a beautiful and moving piece of music, that gradually builds into what sounds more akin to the work of Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy), and even Canadian's The Arcade Fire. The vocal delivery is somewhat haunting, yet the lyrics are somewhat heart-warming.

Despite this being something of a switch from what we expect of the Cinematic Orchestra, it is undeniably them, and undeniably compelling. If this is a taste of what's to come from the new album, then I for one am excited.

-Thom Holmes

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