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The Church
Uninvited Like The Clouds
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The Church Uninvited Like The Clouds Album

The hazy psychedelic antipodeans have been surfing that dreamy hover cloud again, and why not seeing that it has kept them consistently afloat for years? There is an instrumental upbeat flow that trickles into the dusky cries of Steve Kilbey in the ranging 'Unified Field'. This shows comfort and ease that comes with having mastered the jangling guitar laden 60s pop corner of the market that reached a peak with top 40 hit 'Under The Milky Way', remember that? 'Easy' glides closely to The Byrds country coated roving and is as crisp as The Church get.

Over the years The Church have always hung a laid back stoner feel to their pop songs. This is probably the reason why they have not risen to the ranks everyone is expecting The Magic Numbers to climb to. However, as the troubled marathon of 'Pure Chance' bears out, The Church flash soul in their music with the temptation that a diva flashes a bit of leg. So far down the line, this offering is not going to lure too many newcomers into the fold, but their ability to linger around without being unwanted, is in itself, a compliment of some regard.


Mike Rea

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